You give up a few things..

..chasing a dream.

❝ got to take the helm and chart your own course.
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146 icons of John Silver for yougiveupafewthings because I shouldn’t be awful and let them sit around in my folder when somebody else needs them

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     A terrible pounding threatened to split
     her head in two. It started just behind 
     her eyes and seemed to radiate back-
     wards. She needed to lay down. She 
     needed to sleep. Already, the feline
     couldn’t recall the last time she got a
     restful sleep. Usually she slept best when
     on a ship, but this crew set her teeth on
     edge. And with the one person she could
     trust gone, she doubted she would get any
     rest this night. 

               It was a shame that the good doctor on board 
               wasn’t a medical doctor, since this aching in 
               her head was enough to bring forth concern. 
               Amelia showed no sign of it, at least, if she 
               did, it was very minimal.

    She turned towards him as the words left
    his month, head slightly cocked. 

              Was he actually concerned for her?
              Or was he looking for weakness?

    Amelia was willing to bet her vessel on the 
    s e c o n d option. And that was quiet 
    agitating. The woman took a deep breath 
    and straightened herself to full height, arms 
    moving to the small of her back. She was the
    Captain, N O T his friend, or even aquaintance. 

           ” I appreciate the offer, Mr. Silver. “ 
                   Except she didn’t. At all. 
           ” If I require any motivational words, 
             you shall be the first to know. “   

           Tobacco burned as the pipe lingered
            in his mouth, eye set forth and away
           from her scrutinizing gaze. Of course
           she’d put up those walls - any Captain
           would do the same. Hard as nails and
           twice as sharp.

  Smoke billowed, his grin forming to
  the jovial cook he was aiming for.

      ❝ I do what I can Cap’,n tha’
           be the truth o’ it. Learned a trick
           or two time and time again -
           wouldn’t be hard t’ assist. ❞

                      Silver could sense her agitation 
                      and commanding tone. It was easy
                      to let ones anger billow at the
                      disrespect but Silver was cut from
                      a different mold. Smile, nod. Avoid the
                      obvious and keep with the illusion.

     Flint’s trove depended on it.

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      Gears were clicking, eye set
      forward. Didn’t matter much
      what was before him, just
      so he could keep going. 

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Treasure Planet - I’m still here

They can’t tell me who to be
'Cause I'm not what they see
Yeah, the world is still sleepin’ while I keep on dreaming for me
And their words are just whispers and lies that I’ll never believe

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Treasure Planet scribbles! Aaaa this movie has some impressive character designs if you ask me


Treasure Planet scribbles! Aaaa this movie has some impressive character designs if you ask me

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Captain Amelia  ( + )
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"Those gears and gyros clickin’ and whirrin’… like the devil himself! He’s after me chest… that fiendish cyborg and his band of cutthroats.”

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                     Keep yourself together, 
              He wouldn’t want you to f all apart. 

     But how was she supposed to do that when 
     she felt like she had been s h a t t e r e d?

                And her rage wanted to overflow at this moment 
                more than Silver could possibly realize. Some- 
                thing was peculiar about the whole ordeal. Jim 
                may have been a rebellious pain-in-the-arse but 
                he wasn’t dense. He knew how to secure lifelines. 

     Yet Mr. Arrow still found himself tumbling into 
     the eternal void of space. And the Captain 
     had been carrying the weight of her doubts 
     about this particular crew since day one. She 
     just wasn’t fool enough to let them know. 

               It was nearly impossible to conjure up a smile.
               And she was sure that the falseness wouldn’t 
               go unnoticed. Especially not with the cyborg. 

     ” Yes, well.. How very kindof you. 
     But I am in no need of your assistance. “ 

              As if the inspection of his pipe was the most important
              thing; Silver rolled the item in his fingers, playing off the
              moment as just a simple talk. Maybe the Captain should
              have just been left alone — but that wasn’t his style. This
              could very well be a way to find what pressure would be
              needed.. for when the time of reckoning would come.

                              ❝Of course, of course.❞

      It had to do with Mr. Arrow. It was certain.
      Scroop was a dirty scalawag - boisterous 
      and deceitfulPutting the blame to Jim
      would be something to be addressed.

                  Despite the gut wrenching annoyance of feeling the
                  old Ursid had come to have around the cabin boy,
                  John refused to be seen as soft. Scroop would be
                  the first to pay once he was Captain.  

      A soft whirl of machinery vibrated as a metal
      eye examined the woman once more.

                        Need and want are two separate fellows,
                            playin’ for the same goal. Maybe yeh don’t
                            need it; but offer stands if a want arises.❞

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+ ᴀɴ ᴏʟᴅ sᴄᴀʟʟɪᴡᴀɢ


「 yougiveupafewthings 


     ”—And what’ve you been getting up to?”

                    Jim’s heart leapt into his mouth at the sight of his old friend, but
                    he steadied himself, slid back into his cool bad-boy demeanor
                    and leaned against the mast, casually tossing a fresh purp back
                    and forth between deft inventor’s hands. It was a testament to
                    his strong will that he didn’t break down and embrace the other
                    like he so wanted to.


❝Oh yeh know me, Jimbo! Keepin’ meself busy —
                           well hidden and the ilk.❞

         It was unexpected; to come across the young lad in happenstance;
         but Silver wouldn’t be one to discourage it. Welcoming or not, Silver
         missed him. Just as any old spacer would, John reserved his
         excitement to a nonchalant wave of gears and bolts, before chucking
         deeply in his chest.  

❝And what of yeh? Finally get some settlement
                                                                        at home?❞

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She wasn’t exactly having the best 
time of it at the moment. She had 
snapped at Mr. Turnbuckle rather harshly.
But she had her reasons, Mr. Arrow was… 
                                             L O S T

     But now, she thought she was alone, her 
     hands were clenched against the side of  
     her ship, head bent, ears flattened against 
     her skull, eyes closed. She was really just 
     trying to focus on her breathing when she 
     heard the voice. The voice that was 
                         familiar and unwelcome.

                     " Mr. Silver. " 
     She was hoping her voice wasn’t shaking. 
           ”What are you prattling on about?” 

He always seemed to be filling her cabin-boy’s head
with his nonsense, and now it seemed he had come 
to do the same to her.

     Tobacco burned with a draw of breath;
     caused by none other than himself.
     Silver enjoyed the moments of solidarity
     on deck yet it appeared his need would
     be cut short by a melancholy Captain.

                       At least — temporary Captain.  

               ❝Appeared yeh had a moment is all, Cap’n — been
                  prattilin’ about many a t’ings in my day but that be
                  one of the best.❞

     Exhaling the smoke from his lungs,
     Silver took his chances by standing
     along side the woman; his own half 
     synthetic gaze set to the distant nebula
     off the side. 

                    ❝No offence o’ course; just tryin’ to settle a mind.❞

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