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I love how Silver’s eyes change with his emotions. And this one subtle part always gets me. First he’s raging at Jim then when he storms off his eyes turn back to gold, a sure sign that he’s already regretting his actions but can’t stop now because he’s come to far. Poor Jim :( And that’s my bit of nerdiness for the day!

I totally love you I'd become a pirate just stay by your side forever.

              “Wot’s this?” image

"I 'ardly know yeh. Sounds more like a stalker than a love confession.”

Guys in animation [12/?] 
↳ Jim Hawkins → Treasure planet

Treasure Planet + blue

Treasure Planet + blue

Have you ever been in a relationship with anyone in terms of romance? Or are you a womanizing charming scalawag like Captain Jack Sparrow? <3

              “W’ot romantic persuasions I’ll be havin’ stays put where they be, lassie.” The cyborg gave a grin.


       “Now who tha’ blazes is Cap’n Sparrow? Can’ne say I be knowin’ ‘im.”